Our Vision & Values*

We are a loose collective of people, committed to radical social change, who have chosen to actively build a home together. We understand we are the primary protagonists to this story we hope to tell and seek to align our words and practices with our values always. To us, our home is not solely a financial investment; defined by blood or tradition; nor is it a leased exploitative relationship between owners and tenants. It is a place where people who live together build a community where we are healed not burnt out, are nurtured not stifled, feel free not contained, participate not pass by, grow not stagnate, try not reject.

Our home is firstly a Home where we purposefully and intentionally invest energy to create positive and dynamical interactions to support our well-being and health--emotionally, physically, mentally and soulfully. We seek to develop our home into a stronger habitat within which all of us can thrive: through gardening, construction, cooking, and the positive use of public space. We will maintain a safe and secure home, as free from the stresses of internal negativity and isolation as possible with creative solutions, negotiations and communications.  We will safeguard against police, policing, and other anti-social violence.

Our home is also part of the communities in which we have roots and in which we hope to fly.  We seek to promote community-supported goals and struggles. We act to be friends to our neighbors and allies to local struggles. We say this recognizing that we are also part of other complex communities – Diasporic, intercommunal, intergalactic, and time-travelling – of people resisting degradation and making radical change; our home is also another roof on that conceptual avenue – a shelter where family, friends, comrades and comp@s, can rest and recover.  

It is a complex dance, join us.

We are:
Renters, Steppers-to-Owners, Owners
Cooperative Members, Collective Members
Guests/Community-At-Large, Friends of the House, The Brain Trust


...Living Simply & Healthily – we live simply and in a non-elitist manner. we strive to have as little negative impact on our environment and ourselves. we create a clean environment free of harmful pests, chemicals, habits and patterns.

...Growing & Learning – We seek knowledge and skills to make the things we want and need manifest.  We grow our capacity for understanding and knowledge. We learn teaching and teach learning.

...Sharing Resources – We understand there is synergy when we share and we respect what others share with us. Part of this is not to assume resources are shared until they are actively offered.

...Difference & Queerness – instead of sameness or homogeneity. This home is one that makes it possible to be open about difference and queerness.  We support non-traditional ways of loving and being family/community.  We believe growth is a function of differences and community. We consider ownership differently; our home is open to guests and those who treat it with respect. We honor creativity.

...Communication & Agreements – rather than assumptions and coercion. We believe everyone’s growth, safety, and comfort are possible with reflection, listening with humility, and good communication. We seek to follow consensus.

...Accountability – instead of guilt or arrogance. We understand there will be times when we must respond to the needs and growth of another and there will be times when we must understand another’s rendition of the world as truthful.

...Revolution & Solidarity – This home is a part of a larger project for change and revolution dismantling systems of oppression and prefiguring liberatory relations. We all come from different spaces of privilege and oppression that are bound up together. We are a resource to those individuals and communities who are part of this larger project. We strive for our individual actions to bolster common good and collective well-being.

The Vision and Values is the product of a process that kneaded together the wants and needs of each member (6 at the time) of Our House. These were put up on a wall; wants or needs that seemed repetitive were collapsed then multiplied in their importance. We each had 10 stars we used to prioritise those that were the most important to us. Those with multiple stars were left on the wall and then everyone shared the connections they saw between the items, discussed how to group them in a way that honored all the different constellations that everyone saw, and moved and re-organised them to form groupings understandable to all. Each grouping was then named and/or had a sentence written for it. This formed the basis of the Values list. These, those wants or needs that were not starred but removed and kept, and multiple conversations were used to form the basis of the Vision statement. The Vision and Values draft was written up by a member and close-read and line-edited by the group to have a fully consensed upon document (except for the highlighted part below which were added later in practice and not yet consensed upon). This is a living document that is line-edited and discussed whenever someone new joins the House on a long-term and/or permanent basis.